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Ship Model


The schooner ISLAND HOME was built on Plantation Key in 1885. The vessel was typical of the shallow draft boats that were used as the major form of transportation in the Keys before roads and rails connected the islands with each other and the mainland. ISLAND HOME had a long life and eventually had her masts removed, a diesel engine installed, and the vessel was used to help build the Overseas Highway.

I found the plans and vintage photographs of the vessel in the Monroe County Library, and determined to build a scale model and see how she would sail.

Model of Schooner Island Home

Launching the model off Higgs Beach.

Model of the Schooner ISLAND HOME being readied for her maiden sail

She sails like a DREAM!!

Schooner ISLAND HOME - a ships model - sailing off of Key West.

This is the first painting I've done from the photographs I took of the sailing model. Painting from the model allows me to get the shadows and reflections right for a fairly accurate representation of an historic vessel that does not exist anymore.

Painting of the Schooner ISLAND HOME - by maritime artist David Harrison Wright of Key West, Florida

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