Flying Boats by Maritime Artist David Harrison Wright of Key West, Florida
Tropical art painting Watercolor painting of Sand Key coral reef Sailboat painting artwork
Key West's premier maritime artist offering paintings of historic
vessels, contemporary maritime themes, wildlife, and tropical art.


Flying Boats

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The top two paintings hang at the Key West International Airport, and tell the story of why and how the airpot got the title "International".

In 1921, Aeromarine began the first regular scheduled passenger service from Key West to Havana. They were the first airline to have a ticket office, luggage labels, and an in-flight movie! The pilot and co-pilot sat in an open cockpit, and had a cage mounted on the wing full of Carrier Pigeons they would throw out with messages back to Key West. Often Hawks caught the Pigeons.

The Consolidated "Commodore" continued service from Key West to Havana in the 1930's. They were the first to have upholstered seats, and became Pan American World Airways.



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